Our Culture

Telenor’s culture is what binds us together as one company, across all the societies we serve.

Our strategy spells out what we do; our behaviours explain how we deliver; and our purpose is our reason for existence. Being a part of or a partner to Telenor means sharing our commitment and passion for these key elements that shape our culture.

Our purpose

Connecting you to what matters most. Empowering societies.

Connecting customers to what matters most has been the core of our business for more than 160 years. Today internet connectivity impacts nearly every part of our lives, and we believe in making it personalized and relevant for our customers. It’s about more than good business; it’s empowering societies.

Our behaviours

We have four behaviours that guide the way we work:

  • Always Explore. We believe growth comes from learning every day. We’re curious and we dare to challenge, test, fail fast and pivot.
  • Create together. We believe diverse teams find better solutions. We seek different perspectives, share, involve and help each other succeed.
  • Keep promises. We believe that trust is key in all our relationships. We take ownership and pride in delivering with precision and integrity.
  • Be respectful. We believe in the unique human ability to understand what matters for people. We meet everyone at eye level, listen and show that we care.

In addition to our purpose and behaviours, everyone working with or for Telenor are required to commit to, abide by and annually renew their signature on our Code of Conduct.

Our strategy

Telenor’s strategic direction is common across our business units and spells out what we do to fulfill our purpose. It is expressed in an operational action plan which is updated annually.

Our strategic direction is based on four key beliefs:

  • Internet access is the foundation of our business
  • Personalisation will stimulate customer engagement and capture value
  • Efficient operations are prerequisites for sustainable growth and competitiveness
  • Leading digital positions can be taken in our footprint

Our 2018 action plan expresses our priorities for the year: delivering growth, pushing for continuous simplification and efficiency, enabled by a global winning team committed to responsible business.