Our Strategic Action Plan 2021-23: Modernising and advancing to empower societies

In Telenor, we exist to empower societies by connecting you to what matters most. Never has our purpose been more evident than during the C19 pandemic.

Without our services, society would not have functioned nearly as well, underlining the depth of our responsibilities to our customers. But the pandemic has also showcased who we are as a company. Without the platform of a highly motivated and adaptive workforce, our operating model which allows us to respond quickly and our previous modernization efforts, we would not have managed to deliver as we have done. We are proud to provide a critical service to our customers and societies. Our Strategic Action Plan sets the course for how we will modernise, advance, and empower societies in the three years to come.

What we believe

The pandemic has changed our everyday life and accelerated several trends. However, we believe the industry has not fundamentally changed. Connectivity creates opportunities for people, businesses and societies, and we believe that secure, reliable and efficient connectivity is a fundamental need and customer expectation. We believe that trust in our brand is essential to build deeper and longer relationships with customers and that great customer experiences must be personalised, seamless and engaging. To unlock the transformational potential of the perfect storm of technologies, where 5G, IoT and AI come together to accelerate digitalization and blur boundaries between services, no single company is an island: partnerships are crucial for innovation.

The world will evolve – and so will we

As a company we are relentless in driving modernization and doing our business responsibly. As a responsible, efficient and digital telco, we provide our customers with better services that help them take advantage of all the opportunities that connectivity presents and enable societies to thrive. That is also the platform that allows us to navigate through uncertainty and capture opportunities for value-creating growth.

We believe new technology continues to change the world at an accelerated pace, bringing new opportunities. Especially, 5G will change everything. And we will be the ones to bring these new opportunities to our customers and societies. Our modernisation journey has made us great advisors, and our digital and future-proof platform enables us to deliver.

Our strategic direction has three main components:

  • Deliver growth through clear brand positions, strong distribution and focused customer offerings that fuel the persistent need for connectivity and related services.
  • Continue to innovate on our core business and be a leader in modernisation, from how we run our networks to the way we engage with customers across touchpoints.
  • Reinforce our strong foundation of responsible business through the way we raise business standards and contribute by providing skills for an accelerated digital future.

We continue to strengthen our foundation over the next 3-year period: Strengthening our position in each market, continuing the modernization of our operation and raising business standards where we operate. We will never stop advancing and exploring new opportunities and solutions – knowing this is how we can ensure we deliver on our purpose for decades to come.