Our Strategic Action Plan 2020-21: Modernising to drive societies forward

In Telenor, we exist to empower societies by connecting our customers to what matters most. Connectivity is a fundamental need and serves as the lifeblood of modern societies, and our role is to enable opportunities for people through our services.

It is intrinsic in Telenor to deliver connectivity in a safe, reliable and efficient way, which is what customers have come to expect. For Telenor teams across the Nordics and Asia, this is our number one priority, and it requires a dedicated focus on modernisation as a pre-requisite to creating efficiencies and enabling growth.

What we believe

Connectivity creates opportunities for people, business and societies. We believe that secure, reliable and efficient connectivity is a fundamental need and customer expectation. We believe that trust in our brand is essential to build deeper and longer relationships with customers, and that great customer experiences must be personalised, seamless and engaging. In order to unlock the transformational potential of the perfect storm of technologies, where 5G, IoT and AI comes together to accelerate digitalisation, no single company is an island: partnerships are crucial for innovation.

Modernisation means to continually simplify and improve – and when required to radically change – in order to enable the connectivity opportunity for our customers

We will continue to improve and innovate on our core services. We strive to simplify our systems and processes, and make ourselves more efficient. We are modernising the ways we work and collaborate. And we do all of this for the benefit of our customers. Because when our customers take advantage of all the opportunities that connectivity presents, societies can thrive.

Our strategic direction has three main components:

  • Deliver growth through focused customer offerings that fuel the persistent need for connectivity and related services.
  • Continue to innovate on our core business and be a leader in modernisation, from how we run our networks to the way we engage with customers across touchpoints.
  • Reinforce our strong foundation of responsible business through the way we operate and manage business environment risk, in how we treat our customers’ data, and in our role as a global citizen working towards our climate ambitions.

For Telenor, it will always be important to provide services that help advance societies, empowering them in a responsible and relevant way. To remain a leader in enabling opportunity through connectivity, we must put our customers first, ensuring their safety and security, reinforcing our trusted relationships, and engaging them in the Telenor experience. That’s what matters most to us and continues to drive us forward.