Artificial Intelligence

In a broad sense, artificial intelligence can be defined as the science of making machines smart. Machine learning (ML) is a subfield of AI that allows computers to learn directly from examples, data and experience without being explicitly programmed. ML allows computers to learn patterns, find correlations and identify anomalies from large amounts of data (aka “Big Data”). With more and better data, the model gets better and delivers more reliable results. These insights can be used for making predictions and drive automation, which will permeate every aspect of running business in the future – from personalized marketing campaigns, through predictive maintenance of electrical grids to self-driving cars.

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Our Goal in AI

Telenor intends to become a data-driven company, where AI/ML capabilities will be an asset, and ultimately, create a competitive advantage. AI could be used for optimizing network operations, automating customer interactions, personalizing marketing and sales campaigns. This is a change of focus that our company must embrace, which also requires a fundamentally new approach to Data Management.  Our ambition is to strengthen AI and advanced data analysis both in core business and by taking new positions, such as within IoT where there are considerable growth opportunities and the global giants are not dominant. Our AI competence lies in the research department, the global marketing department and in our operations, especially Norway, Sweden, Thailand and Pakistan.

AI in Norway

A national strategy will establish the level of ambition, direction and mobilize for action. The strategy is necessary for Norway to compete where we have traditionally been strong, but also to be able to share the value creation represented by artificial intelligence. The elements that are missing today and which should be in place in a national strategy are:

  1. Raising the basic competencies in mathematics, programming and engineering
  2. Establish infrastructure for sharing data for research use, stimulate business development and innovation
  3. Developing strong ethical standards for artificial intelligence people can count on
  4. Regulations that safeguard privacy while allowing research and business development.

We believe that these elements are so fundamental and at the same time so resourceful that Norway will not succeed in this field if we do not get a national strategy and a concerted national effort on artificial intelligence.

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AI in Europe

Telenor Group also supports EU efforts to create an AI strategy for Europe and mobilise national research, innovation and business communities in AI/ML and Big Data. Building strong AI innovation ecosystems is important for boosting competitiveness and sustainable development in Europe. A special emphasis should be placed on access and sharing of large volumes of data within and across industry verticals and national borders in Europe and Asia to enable scalable AI.

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Telenor Research’s Ieva Martinkenaite appointed to advise the EU on AI

AI in Asia

Telenor’s Thailand operations, dtac, runs an artificial intelligence laboratory in partnership with Thammasat University’s Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT) in Bangkok. The lab connects data scientists and leading professors with real-world business cases provided by dtac, supporting the company’s AI strategy and ambition to train a new generation of digital talents for Thailand. One example of a specific use case due to this partnership is an AI-driven ID verification system that would increase security while speeding up the process of SIM registration verification. The investment is worth 12 million baht (USD 400,000) over the course of two years.

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  • Bjørn Taale Sandberg  (SVP, Head of Telenor Research),
  • Ieva Martinkaneite (VP Telenor Research, member of European Commission High Level Expert group on AI),
  • Astrid Undheim (VP Telenor Research, Head of analytics & AI group),

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